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Why Do Restaurants Love Mr.Resto ?

  • Menu with Photos

    Offer a unique menu with stunning photos, details, food type, discounts and lot more TRY DEMO

  • Waiter Interactions

    Your clients can request water, cutlery, smoke tray or call waiter in a single click form mobile TRY DEMO

  • Up Sale

    Promote your high profit & speciality food to your customers without any manual promotion by your waiter TRY DEMO

  • Real time Reviews

    get real time reviews from your customer while they are at your venue to improve your service TRY DEMO

  • No App Installation

    No need for any app installation. Just scan the QR code from your mobile. That's all. You are done. TRY DEMO

  • Try Before Buy

    Try our 15 Days free trial without any hassle. If you like it then continue other-wise it's up to you. TRY DEMO

Premium Features

Key Features in Mr.Resto

Mr.Resto is not just a Restaurant QR menu Code scanner, Our primary objective is, to offer great insights about their restaurant business to retain the customers and increase revenue. Keep this one goal in mind, Mr.Resto has designed with a lot of features such as social media promotions, up sale & lot more

Scanned Menu

Want to offer a QR menu for your customer in 5 mins ? then Just take a photo / scan your menu and upload it. TRY DEMO

Customized Menu

We offer you highly customisable food menu system where you can offer 100% professional menu to your clients TRY DEMO

Social Media Promotions

Our system encourages your clients to promote your restaurant with their friends in Social media platforms such as FB, instagram & more TRY DEMO

Single QR

Do you want a QR code for each table ? No worries. we have an option of having a single QR code for your entire restaurant. TRY DEMO

Table-wise QR

If you really want to automate everything and cut down all your manual work then You can go for a table wise QR Code system. TRY DEMO

1,00,000+ Food Photos

Our team has designed over 1,00,000+ beautiful food photographs which you can pick for your menu and use it. TRY DEMO

Instant Reviews

Our QR System helps you to get a detailed review about their dining experience and your service to take your business to the next level. TRY DEMO

Highlight Food

Planning to offer a signature dish or your speciality food item to your customer ? No worries. You can do it in a single click. TRY DEMO

Suspend any dish

You can easily enable or disable the food based on your inventory. Your staff or manager can do it in a click. TRY DEMO

Awesome Interface

Simple & Beautiful Interface

We help you to offer a simple and unique system for your customers to make their dining experience more special and memorable.

Waiter & Manager Interactions

  • Your clients can call the waiter from their mobile just by clicking this button.

  • Request water to their table in a single click without waiting for a waiter.

  • Requesting a cutlery never been mady easy as simple as clicking a button.

  • Your clients can easily call the restaurant manager from their phone incase of any complaints.

  • Super easy way to interact with restaurant manager on whatsapp incase of any service complaints.

Just scan the code on your mobile to see our digital Menu

* Compatible iPhone, iPad and all Android devices
Customer's Reviews

Testimonial /Reviews

Excellent service & support!!

Super easy software. I have tried 3 to 4 QR menu software before. But Mr Resto is awesome. We implemented the system in just 15 minutes without anyone's help.

Linda Harris
Restaurant Manager
New york, USA

Nice work! Keep it up

Hey Guys. thanks for this wonderful meny making system. We daily see that our customer satisfaction is increasing day by day and staff are on the track to offer great service. Thanks for streamlining.

Emily Smith
Restaurant Owner
Toronto, Canada

Great support!!

Kudos Team !! We really thank the entire team of Mr Resto. Our customers love the menu and our job becomes very easy nowadays. Also we started getting new customers through the social media promotions.

Dian M
Restaurant Owner
Bali, Indonesia

1,00,000+ Food images. Ready to Use !!!

  • No need to design your own images
  • Our team has prepared over 1,00,000+ food images
  • You can just pick and use it

Dynamic Menu Management

In Mr Resto, You can manage your restaurant menu in a single click. Here are the few actions you can do on your menu system.

Menu Management
  • Add / Edit / Delete Food item
  • Add images
  • Suspend Dish & Make it available any time
Highlight the Food
  • New dish introduced in your restaurant
  • Most Popular Dish at your restaurant
  • Our Chef's Recommended food of the day.
Offer Discount
  • Discount in % of total amount
  • Discount on Total Price
  • Custom Discount ( Ex : Buy 1 Get 1 Free )

Just scan the code on your mobile to see our digital Menu

* Compatible iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Social Media Promotion & increase Revenue

  • Create an exclusive promotions to your clients
  • Let them share with their friends in Social Media
  • Increase Social Media Presence
  • Facebook Promotions & Sharing
  • Instagram Promotions & Sharing
  • Increase Customer Base & Revenue

Waiter & Manager
instant Notification System

  • Get instant Notification on your Mobile
  • Whenever a client requests anything through their phone.
  • Address each requests instantly
  • No more waiting
  • Build a customer relationship to the next level.

Mr Resto Supports 150+ Language

You can display your delicious menu in your own language and english. Yes. Your clients can choose their preferred language to see the menu.

Just scan the code on your mobile to see our digital Menu

* Compatible iPhone, iPad and all Android devices


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Scanned Menu
Advanced Menu
Maximum Tables per restaurant 10 15 30 50
Photos Library No upto 1,000 All photos All photos
Single QR for Restaurant
Table-wise QR
Review Management
Waiter Login 3 Staffs 3 Staffs Unlimited Unlimited
Social Media Promotions Basic All features All features All features

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely You can. Yes we offer 15 Days free trial. You can play around everything to make sure this is suitable for you before paying.

Yes. We have designed over 1,00,000 food items and you can pick whichever you like it.

There is no limit. You can add as many as you want.

No. There is no setup fee.

We have a flexible billing system. You can pay by monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually or annually.

Yes. We have made the software easy and super simple. You can be an expert just by spending 10 to 15 mins of our software.

Just scan the code on your mobile to see our digital Menu

* Compatible iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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